Tekizaitekisho LLC

The Right Professionals for Innovation and Value

We provide quality services in international cooperation and contribute to the social and human development in the world.

Company Profile

Consulting Services in International Cooperation
We provide consulting services for development projects by Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) and International Agencies in the world, including Asia, Africa and Central/South America, in different stages such as planning, implementation, and evaluation of the project. Our main fields of services include health, social security, environment, disaster prevention, education, agriculture, governance, infrastructure, etc. We also have experiences in social research, development study, and training in project management, organizational strengthening/analysis, etc.

  • Project management, planning, and evaluation
  • Social research
  • Organizational strengthening/analysis
  • Dispatch of experts
  • Training

Our experiences


Human resource development and career development
Since the establishment in 2007, Tekizaitekisho LLC has been contributing to the human resource development by supporting young human resources who seek career in international cooperation and other fields.

  • Human resource development in international cooperation

Training in Project Cycle Management (PCM) and other methodologies, career consulting, etc.


  • Career development for university students

Workshops and seminars for university students in career development (up to 2017)